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Let’s Pretend This Never Happened



A mostly true, albeit exaggerated memoir that you should read and share so that I can become famous and rich and buy you something real nice.

In lieu or in addition to sharing, you can make a contribution below.  This will help prevent me from having make a sex tape, getting kidnapped, having sex with Tiger Woods, getting some sort of horrible plastic surgery and sue the doc  Becoming a surrogate mother at the age of 50 is gonna be a hard sell. Killing someone is off the table.

You Might Be The Man Of My Dreams

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The Man Of Tammy’s Dreams









Unfortunate Situations

Coffee & t

Unfortunate Situations


DRAGONE critiques Current Events, News, Science, Entertainment, and Love

Jay Colby

Life, Inspiration & Motivation

Love with a Dark Heart in Chains

To be in a world where life throws you lemons and you make a vodka martini.


The funny side of jaded and angry

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