Water Boy

Dear Steve, It is going to be really difficult to call you by your given name so you should start responding to the name "Fred" from here on out.  It's just that you look exactly like Fred Savage.  You probably haven't a clue who he is, but he played the role of 13-year-old Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years back in... Continue Reading →


Join A Band, Get A Hot Date

If I had more musical talent I would get hotter dates.  This is scientific fact. Take a look at Billy Joel. Phil Collins. Seven Tyler. All fall into the NOT hot category.  If they weren't in the band,  all 3 would be spinning around the Match.com. wheel of unfortunate.  More proof:  Shakira.  She had herself a lawyer until she... Continue Reading →

I’ve been in this position for 5 long years and I have yet to get a damn promotion.  Not one invitation to “live with me, marry me,or  have my baby,” has been offered.  Thank you for the omission of that last invite.  Dating is a full-time job.  It should require an application and resume and come with decent pay. Single Girl looking... Continue Reading →

Girl, You in Heap O’Trouble

Throughout my online dating career I maintained hope in finding a beautiful, funny, kind and compassionate guy with a zest for life that, at the very, least rivaled mine.   However, a far more logical and rational use of reading profile after profile, has surfaced. I’m switching careers from professional dater to writer. Keep an eye out for my first... Continue Reading →

On-Line Dating: A Buffet of Choices

Like the buffet, we look at all the options tempting our taste buds and put several on our plate. After all, we have the liberty to toss out anything we don’t like without penalty or concern .  It's as simple as going back through the line and making a few new selections.   There are so many... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishin’

Why is it, more often than not, a man's dating profile includes images of him proudly holding up a fish? Is it because he wants us to believe we will never go hungry if we chose him? Are we to be impressed by his primal hunting instincts and deft bate and hook skills? Should we to be lured by his cleverness in tricking an animal... Continue Reading →

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